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Hemde Shoes® From 1984 to present

About Us

Hemde Shoes was founded in 1984 and have been producing top-tier products since then.
As a contract manufacturer company, our main goal is to help our customers to have what they desire, which is “the best
But how do we accomplish “the best”? The answer is simple,


Years of experience behind us enables us to deliver the best solutions to both our customers and suppliers.


o sustain durability in our products, we always use high-class materials from respected suppliers so that our customers can wear their shoes for years without any deficit in the product.

Production Standards

Manufacturing a good product is a thing. But manufacturing other products with the same quality requires well-defined and applied standardization processes. Our production controlling policy helps us to reach the same quality in our 1000th product with the very first product.


Shoes carry our entire body weight which results in immense strain on products themselves. Delivering this strain through shoes without harming the foot physically or affecting the foot’s orthopaedic balance requires a well-engineered design. On this matter, our experienced designers come up with perfect structural designs for your comfort.

Your Health Is Important For Us

Since most of a shoe’s parts are consist of chemical-based materials it’s important to use harm-free materials to protect both our customers’ and employees’ health.