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03 Apr Innovations in Design
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Hemde Shoes who has been providing produce to the Turkey’s best brands and most popular products, with the most exclusive hand jobs, is a current firm who holds to the designers open to new trends.Hemde Shoes who uses the current technology while producing and always appears with the unprecedented p..
03 Apr Follow us for professional communication
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As Hemde Shoes, we are closer to you in the social media platorms. Please do not forget to follow us if you want to be the one who get news firstly from our actions, campaigns, new designs and current products on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube...
03 Apr Make a difference with Extralight soles
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Besides the current technology they use, Hemde Shoes uses the XL EXTRALIGHT sole which carries huge significance in the producing. Lightness and Comfort specifications are the ones which can directly defines this material. Jeneric EVA and the same mechanic is three times heavier than the other mater..
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